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We create icons at crucial places

An icon strengthens the image of a city or region. Having this icon will help form the identity required.

I would like an icon

The Symbol

In cooperation with a regional artist we create and design a symbol which interacts with the building and the region. Through this dynamic interaction the symbol will become an Icon.

The Technique

Supported by a Dutch internationally operating Lighting Company we are able to offer an environment friendly and long-lasting tailor-made product. With our present knowledge of LED technologies we can now offer an unsurpassed technique which is both more economical and more durable than any other technique: so LED’s make art.

Technique in cooperation with

Artist Impression


Enter the world of flowers, enjoy their fragrance, see the rich-coloured bulb-fields in full bloom, experience the joy of giving and receiving flowers. Welcome to Holland, tulip country!


Enter the gateway to the European economy. Rotterdam with its biggest, smartest harbour in Western Europe is the end point or starting point of all transported goods. With its latest technology it can handle almost everything in a fast, reliable and efficient way.

LONDON Heathrow

The heart of England and the dream of everyone living abroad.

The center of the world!

YOUR TOWN Control Tower

What is the message you want to bring across and what is symbolic for your town or region? What is it good at and what makes you proud? What is it you would like to impress on all the people visiting your town?

  • Marco Slingerland
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Icon 4 Us

During my lifelong career at Philips I discovered all the possibilities and impossibilities of working with LED.

Combining this with my personal passion of creating beautiful things in the world with light in order to brighten up people's lives, I started Icon4us

For me a "Light"icon is a visualisation of a dream at a crucial place.

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